World first
First automatic wet wipe dispenser

Into a new disinfectant wipe era
XIBU 2WIPE hybrid

Are you ready for one-handed operation? This will revolutionise how disinfectant wipes are used.

Hygienic in every way

Stored right where they’re needed
No need for flowpacks to lie around all over the place

XIBU 2WIPE hybrid preserves disinfectant wipes long-term dispensing them on the spot – exactly where they’re needed.

Protection from drying out
Patented sealing system

No more disinfectant wipes drying out at the top of the flowpack, this dispenser stops that from happening.

One-handed operation
Hygienically, safely and very easily

All you have to do is hold out your hand and the lid opens automatically.

Advantages of the system


Protection against germs One disinfectant wipe follows another – but your hand only touches the wipe it takes.

Moist from the very first to the very last wipe. every cloth remains equally moisturised – and fully effective.

Theft and loss-proof The dispenser on the wall protects its flowpack like a safe, leaving no opportunity for would-be thieves.

Never empty XIBU 2WIPE hybrid works with two packs: when one runs out, the dispenser automatically switches over to the other one.

Always in the picture A label holder is located at the top of the dispenser and its label can be exchanged.

Consumption curb Every disinfectant wipe is valuable.

Floor stand

With the XIBU 2WIPE FLOOR mobile stand, the XIBU 2WIPE hybrid wet wipe dispenser can be placed wherever wall mounting is not possible or not desired, for example in food production halls with coated walls or in areas furnished with a lot of glass or steel optics, such as fitness centres.

The same applies to areas where the wet wipe dispenser is to be located outside during opening hours, e.g. for disinfecting shopping carts and baskets in smaller stores or tables in outdoor dining areas. After closing time, the dispenser can be safely stored away again. With wheels mounted on the back, the stand offers full flexibility in the placement of the wet wipe dispenser.


‘The disinfectant wipe needs the dispenser like milk needs the fridge.’
Hans Georg Hagleitner

Wet wipe dispenser

XIBU 2WIPE hybrid

No more disinfectant wipes drying out. One-handed operation. Protection against germs and much more.

Non-woven wipes without alcohol

Instant disinfectant wipes without alcohol

For cleaning and disinfection of alcohol-sensitive surfaces. Suitable for XIBU 2WIPE dispenser.

Non-woven wipes with alcohol

Instant disinfectant wipes with alcohol

 Pre-soaked disinfectant wipes, ready to use. Suitable for XIBU 2WIPE dispenser.


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Even more – with the Hagleitner360-App

Added value data
Saving time and effort

The dispenser provides digital data, information about dispensing quantity, and filling level – all available via the app and online portal.

Shelf life monitor
Can be activated via the app

Once the pack has been opened, time starts ticking: The alcoholic disinfectant wipe lasts one month, the non-alcoholic one three months. After that, the dispenser blocks the flowpack if required.

LED light and sensor range
Switch off the control light

This is particularly useful when people are sleeping in the same room. Finally, the sensor range can also be configured; after all, it wouldn’t be ideal if the dispenser starts doing its job inadvertently.

Energy at a glance
The dispenser can either run off the mains, use a rechargea- ble battery or the energyBOX.

Let’s assume the dispenser is meant to provide 100 wipes a day: no problem – the rechargeable battery lasts seven months. The same applies to the non-rechargeable energyBOX, which bundles battery power. It’s manufactured using recycled plastic. At the end of its service life, Hagleitner will take back the energyBOX and recycle it; from recycling to recycling, thus completing the cycle.