Our history is our identity.

The trained carpenter Johann Hagleitner established a sales ring for an air purifier in 1971, thus laying the foundation for a successful hygiene company. Over the course of more than 45 years, Hagleitner grew into a global corporation. What do all these years have in common? Innovative hygiene!

  • German Design Award winner

    Hagleitner wins German Design Award for the world's first automatic wet wipe disinfectant dispenser: XIBU 2WIPE hybrid.

  • World first

    The automatic wet wipe dispenser XIBU 2WIPE hybrid was presented by Hagleitner in Frankfurt am Main on 12 October 2022, the first of its kind in the world: The device dispenses wet wipe after wet wipe entirely touch free; whilst also protecting its contents.

  • Digital equipment for the kitchen: integral 4PURE/MIX

    Hagleitner announces new dosing unit and five corresponding cleaners. Design especially for kitchen cleaning, Hagleitner offers a high-precision, digital dosing device for cleaning concentrates. The new product is available from 23 June 2022. The aim is to make kitchen hygiene more sustainable and safer, calculable and transparent. The "integral 4PURE/MIX" can dispense five highly concentrated cleaners, either pure or as a ready-mixed application solution: grease dissolver, grill cleaner, washing up liquid, kitchen floor cleaner and disinfectant kitchen cleaner.

  • Hagleitner opens new factory and Academy

    Hagleitner sets the target of producing up to 21 million hygiene products a year, plus 750,000 dispensers and dosing devices; that’s three times as much as before. The family-owned company has built a new factory for this purpose. It’s located at the headquarters in Zell am See and will expand existing facilities. A hygiene academy is also going into business. Hagleitner has invested a total of 37 million euro in the expansion, creating 80 new jobs. The new complex was opened on 24 May 2022 – after almost three years of construction.

  • Industrial hand care dispenser provides online skin protection data as standard for the first time

    Hagleitner announced a world first on 16 July 2021: an industrial hand and skin protection dispenser that is the first of its kind to send application data as standard. The new XIBU hybrid XL dispensers provide information on the dispensing quantity, filling level and power status; they provide information on all this online; their data can be accessed live via smartphone, tablet, laptop and more; and there is also an archive function. Hans Georg Hagleitner: "Official inspections have shown the archive function to be a great support function; a real bonus for employers. This applies to a range of industries: from physical services to heavy industry."

  • XIBU "hybrid" COMPLETE

    XIBU hybrid family: The entire washroom is now hybrid. As of 07 October 2020, eight different dispenser types provide application data ex works, specifically the dispensing quantity, filling level and power status. The devices have been created to disinfect hands as well as toilet brushes, and to dispense toilet paper, foam soap, skin protection and room fragrance; and another device to moisten toilet paper; Hagleitner introduced a corresponding paper towel dispenser in advance in 2019, completing the group of eight products.

  • The "hagi" brand is born: Hagleitner launches products for private customers

    Since 06 March 2020, the Hagleitner company has been offering its own product line for private customers. Before that, the Austrian hygiene professional focussed exclusively on corporate customers. The new hagi brand changes all this: Special disinfectant and cosmetic products are aimed directly at end users. The tried and tested Hagleitner brand will continue to exist in future in public areas such as hotels, football stadiums and hospitals.

  • XIBU TOWEL hybrid

    XIBU TOWEL hybrid – The toilet goes hybrid: Hagleitner's new dispenser generation is launched on the market. Dispensers that sparkle. In the cloud. With data on consumption, fill levels and service requirements. The dispenser will let you know what the status is. On top of all that, the dispenser fulfils its primary role with perfection: dispensing paper hand towels. Touch-free or manual – it handles both options with ease.

  • Awarded

    Austria's best family company. The prize for Salzburg went to Hagleitner Hygiene from Zell am See – as well as the prize for the whole of Austria. Put another way: Hagleitner was the overall winner of the competition!

  • integral 4PLUS

    For the professional scullery. Highly concentrated cleaner for dishes and glasses. Highly concentrated gloss dryers. One dosing system. In combination with the new Hagleitner App.

  • integral 2GO

    The most precise dosing device in its class was introduced.

  • New dispensers

    XIBU XL senseFLUID - The touchless dispensers for skin protection and hand hygiene are coming onto the market. XIBU senseMOISTCARE – a world debut in washrooms: a dispenser that moistens toilet paper.

  • Opening

    Opening of the injection molding plant in Zell am See.


    HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT - the intelligent washroom: Dispensers report the state of refills and batteries web-based any time and anywhere to the recipient.

  • New dispensers made of stainless steel

    XIBU inox: The new washroom series with intelligent dispensers made of stainless steel is brought to the market. It is available in two versions, an in-wall and on-wall mount variant.

  • Hagleitner in 12 countries

    Since 2002, direct sales have been constantly expanding. Today, we have our own offices in twelve countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

  • 40th anniversary

    We celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hagleitner Hygiene International. Topics such as disinfectants are now common. Complete solutions for our customers' safety.

  • Sustainable. Stylish. Production.

    Green efficiency brings sustainable products to the kitchen hygiene. LUNA 2.0 refines the hotel room. With HAGLEITNER technics, we integrate the production of plastics into the Company.

  • Touchless dispenser series

    We bring the touchless dispenser series XIBU in nine different decors on the market.

  • i.h.s.

    The i.h.s. The system provides efficiency and safety in the janitorial hygiene.

  • Through the renovation of the headquarters, the most modern chemical technical production facility in the industry in Europe is established.

  • integral COMPACT revolutionizes the dosing technology for commercial dishwashers.

  • The LUNA product line is awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

  • We open the first location abroad in Bratislava in Slovakia.

  • Introduction of LUNA chrome line. Export Price of the Republic of Austria and the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Gold medal at the Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva for the launch of LUNA vacuumBAGS.

  • Start a modern product line with the LUNA sanitaryBAG.

  • Development of the system and introduction of the bottle container recycling, for which we received the Environmental Award of the State of Salzburg two years later.

  • With ecosol, we introduce the kitchen dosing technique successfully on the market.

  • With FOX and bellaVIT, our first own products enter the market.

  • Hans Georg Hagleitner takes over the production company DIUTIL in Neudörfl in Wiener Neustadt. He then begins production of his own chemical-technical products.

  • We include chemical-technical products in the assortment.

  • Johann Hagleitner founds the NOLI sales ring through which the NOLI-air cleaning device is sold. The bottling facility and warehouse are located in the basement of his apartment building.