Kitchen hygiene
truly clean dishes

Exact dosing and perfectly balanced dishwashing liquid concentrates for clean dishes and a clean environment. Experience the kitchen hygiene of tomorrow using our products today! We have put all our energy into developing high-quality products for you.

We want to inspire you. That is why we offer you intelligent dosing devices for kitchen hygiene including our Hagleitner service package, which includes the following services:

- Training in kitchen hygiene
- Prompt installations done by our professional consultant team
- Instructional and workplace labeling

Legally prescribed hygiene standards (HACCP)

The federal health ministry prescribes several measures for canteen kitchens to ensure that food is handled safely and to avoid mistakes in the processing chain. We are happy to support you in implementing these hygiene guidelines and offer:

- Cleaning and disinfection agents for dishes
- Training
- An HACCP folder with cleaning and disinfection schedules

integral 4PURE/MIX


Digital dosing system

Dosing system combined with high concentration: Five products for kitchen cleaning and disinfection.

integral 4PLUS


Dosing device for the professional scullery.

A dosing system for stress-free cleaning.

integral COMPACT


Dosing device for dishwashers

For accurate dosage, rinsing analyses and the use of highly concentrated dishwashing detergents.



Liquid dishwashing detergent for dishwashers

Liquid dosing for dishwashers.

Cleaning and care products


Essential products for your kitchen.

Degreasers, grill cleaners, descalers and much more. 

Additional products

Kitchen accessories

Sponges, abrasive cleaners, gloves, tea towels and much more.

Environmentally friendly


Environmentally friendly and sustainable products from Hagleitner. Awarded with the EU Ecolabel and the Austrian Ecolabel.