Health and care

Hygiene protects. There should be no gaps, because every chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
It's all about patient safety – safety for the most vulnerable.

Hagleitner in the Brüderkrankenhaus St. Josef, Paderborn (Germany)

100 percent safety? With us you’re close to it.


I want verifiable correct dispensing. Without mistakes.
I want eco-friendly cleaning agents.
I want moist wipes.

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Disinfection plays a central role here

Developing solutions for the health and care sector is one of Hagleitner's core competences. Through many years of cooperation with health care facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, we know which products are needed and how we can support you in your tasks.

HsM - Your benefits

  • Reliable planning and calculation of product requirements and stock levels.
  • Efficient use of resources - the location, fill level, consumption and energy status of all networked devices are visible at a glance.
  • Hygiene is available at all times - data transfer from the unit to your display is in real time.

How much hand disinfectant has been used?
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Imagine you could digitally track hand disinfectant consumption at any time and find out where action is needed. Now imagine that you could provide real and verifiable digital safety. A win-win situation, because safety – just like science itself – must be verifiable and transparent.

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We respect people and the environment

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360° hygiene

Reliably certified with Hagleitner

135 field service staff

6 Service Centers in Austria

In-house technical teams

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What Hagleitner offers

  • Excellent service
  • Professionally trained hygiene advisers
  • Sustainable hygiene solutions for the future
  • Patient safety and supply security
  • Compliance and monitoring

All from a single source

So much is sure


Hagleitner provides supply security: we produce in Austria and have adequate raw material reserves.
Hagleitner provides patient safety: verifiably increased at the Brüderkrankenhaus St. Josef in Paderborn.
Hagleitner provides compliance: through digital dispenser data in a monitoring system.
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In the washroom, one thing counts above all: paper, soap and the like should always be available. In order to ensure this, Hagleitner has developed a hybrid dispenser series, a digital tool for dispenser and hygiene data management with its own dispenser app.

The digital tool for managing device and hygiene data: HsM makes hygiene visible, and easy to plan and document – wherever you are. Dispensing is thus traceable; staff and patients are safe.

Hagleitner in ASST Bergamo Est, Italy

"Proper hand hygiene is the most important and effective measure
for reducing the risk of nosocomial infection."

Gloria Bettinaglio, certified health care and nursing assistant - hygiene specialist

Environmental hygiene and sustainability

Hygiene is about health, it is about us humans: sustainable and lasting for generations – which is why it goes without saying that environmental hygiene is part of it.

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In Austria alone, we have six locations and over 135 field service staff.
Imst, Zell am See, Villach, Ansfelden, Graz, Vienna
Tel: 05 0456

We work every day to provide the best service in Austria. See for yourself.

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