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Hygiene is something for the eyes, for the nose; hygiene wants to be felt and touched.
Every room becomes an experience. Technology makes hygiene intelligent and economical.

The hygiene solutions from Hagleitner are specially adapted to the needs of the hotel and catering industry.


Whether for washroom, hotel room, kitchen, building or laundry – thanks to our all-round service package, you really save time here.

Digitalisation creates efficiency and sustainability

Hagleitner’s 360-degree claim: Researching, developing and producing hygiene - for the washroom, building cleaning, laundry, kitchen, hand and surface disinfection. A glance at the smartphone shows where action is needed; unnecessary service trips and set-up times are a thing of the past.

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360° hygiene
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We want to support you - best of all with a 360° tour. This enables us to develop customised hygiene solutions for your business as well as to recommend what you truly need. That helps you make the best decisions.

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Hygiene should be as simple, efficient and sustainable as possible for you. That's why Hagleitner is at your side – right from the start.

What Hagleitner offers

  • Excellent service
  • Professionally trained hygiene advisers
  • Sustainable hygiene solutions for the future
  • Always be one step ahead of the rest with Hagleitner
  • Improving hygiene every day

Hygiene demands knowledge

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360° hygiene

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Hagleitner senseMANAGEMENT. The digital tool for managing device and hygiene data: HsM makes hygiene visible, and easy to plan and document -  wherever you are.

Minimise your consumption. Innovative dispensing technology allows water and cleaning agent to come together in exactly the right ratio - so that neither one nor the other is used unnecessarily.

In the washroom: Digital dispenser data ensures 25% less service work and 30% more customer satisfaction.
For laundry:  Precise dispensing prolongs the laundry service life and sustainably reduces investments.
For buldings: Digital real-time information from the dispensing device enables facility cleaning to be scheduled and cost-effective.
In the kitchen: Worry-free, clean crockery, 24/7/365 (around the clock) with an app.

Hygiene is about health, it is about us humans: sustainable and lasting for generations – which is why it goes without saying that environmental hygiene is part of it.

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In the washroom, one thing counts above all: paper, soap and the like should always be available. In order to ensure this, Hagleitner has developed a hybrid dispenser series, a digital tool for dispenser and hygiene data management with its own dispenser app.

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95 percent less waste. The refills for disinfectants, soaps and lotions come from Hagleitner in the patented and award-winning vacuumBAG. As the contents of the vacuumBAG empty 100%, the bag shrinks to about ten percent of its original volume.

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XIBU hybrid invisible – touch-free and invisible. XIBU hybrid dispensers can also disappear behind mirrors, walls and in (mirrored) cabinets if required.

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Dispenser design options

Hygiene is not meant to impose itself, but rather be inviting – appealing, pleasing, welcoming. Hagleitner gives you a unique tool for this very purpose: the XIBU Designer. The dispenser front panel is available in two colours: white and black. The side panels of every XIBU dispenser can be adapted from a wide range, with over 1,000 designs to choose from.

What characterises you as a host?

Why do people come specifically to you? That's what Hagleitner tries to imagine.
To invent products for you: to research, develop and produce - all in the heart of Austria; and to regularly set the new course for the future.

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