Laundry hygiene
clean laundry & pleasant scent

Our high-quality laundry detergents and supplements ensure clean laundry and a pleasant scent. We recommend havon PROFESSIONAL for large operations and havon MANUAL for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

The advantages of our products at a glance:

- Pinpointed dosing due to highly modern, intelligent pump systems and individually prepared laundry schedules
- State-of-the-art-technology
- Convenient to use without having to interfere with the washing machine controls
- High application reliability
- Protection of laundry and the washing machine
- Optimal price-performance ratio
- Optionally either manual or automatic dosing


Perfect service

Laundry is a sensitive topic when it comes to professional hygiene. We are your competent partner, assisting you with our extensive professional know-how. The Hagleitner chemical cleaning set gently removes even the most obstinate stains. Periodically, we offer trainings for our partners on laundry technology and how to correctly operate the Hagleitner dosing system. This ensures many years of excellent laundry results.

havon MANUAL


Powder and liquid detergents

Detergents for all kinds of washing machines.



Detergent dosing device for professional needs

A dosing device that doses the detergent for up to 4 machines.