We are internationally present with our products.

Our hygiene solutions are represented in more than 66 countries worldwide with over 177 distributors. The cleanest hygiene network in the world extends from a distributor in Sri Lanka all the way to the Maldives. At the end of the day, innovation and economical solutions prevail. Are you interested in becoming a partner of ours? We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Bet you have been looking for us!

Why? Because we are the best partner for you. We have the know-how in the areas of production, sales strategy, delivery and logistics as well as in our product lines washroom, janitorial, laundry and kitchen hygiene. To put it in a nutshell, we know what we are doing.

Of course you have read statements like this many times and heard the claim a thousand times. However, we will certainly be able to convince you that we are indeed the right partner for you. We have nothing to hide and guarantee full transparency.

These are the facts about us at a glance:

We are a family-run company that is known for its seriousness and long-term partnerships. With our partners, we develop common solutions and common goals. By setting up the company as a foundation, we have been able to secure our independence. That's why we will never run the risk of falling into other hands.

One of our principles is: "If our partner earns good money, then we are successful together.” And who does not want to be successful?

Thanks to our direct sales in twelve countries, we understand our partners to the fullest. You benefit from this directly as we are able to respond to client’s special wishes and questions. Furthermore, we can produce our products using our own or a third-party’s design (with your company logo).

Both in sales-related issues as well as in the areas of system installation and maintenance, we organize regular training courses for your employees. The acquired know-how will serve you directly.

We continuously confirm our brand promise, "Innovative Hygiene", through our products, whose technical specialization is protected by numerous patents.

It makes us happy to offer high-quality and functional products that set new standards. Do you feel the same way? We look forward to your inquiry!