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Hygiene comes in many guises: it shimmers in intense colors, attracts attention,
represents, integrates, adapts, discreetly works in the background.

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Networked disinfection and hygiene

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XIBU hygiene dispenser

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Touchless & invisible dispensers
XIBU hybrid invisible: Installation behind mirrors and walls ∙ Installation in (mirrored) cabinets

The dispenser itself remains hidden from view, it is invisible and yet there – just like the data it transmits. The dispenser provides digital details about itself, informing about dispensing quantity, fill level, usage and energy status; with a Gateway, it even transmits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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Hygiene dispensers in 1,000 designs

Hygiene is not meant to impose itself, but rather be inviting – appealing, pleasing, welcoming. Hagleitner can give you a unique tool for this very purpose: the XIBU Designer.

The dispenser front panel is available in two colours: white and black. The side panels of every XIBU dispenser can be adapted from a wide range, with over 1,000 designs to choose from. For the side panels, 213 RAL colours are available in matt single-colour lacquer; alternatively, there are more than 800 patterns (water transfer printing) – from leopard print to walnut wood to green marble to camouflage; in fact, there is hardly a pattern that is not available.

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Digitalisation, efficiency and sustainability thus go hand in hand, because quality cannot be compromised.

Hygiene is always worth a story. And the dispenser itself likes to tell one: it’s a communicative device, providing information about consumption, fill level, energy status and service requirements. Digitalisation creates efficiency.  Let's discuss it together

Enjoy reliability of supply thanks to smart investments in terms of raw material reserves and in Hagleitner production. Made in Austria. Designed, built and manufactured in Zell am See.

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Hagleitner researches, develops and produces in Zell am See, Austria.

Hagleitner creates digital applications on site; hygiene needs to be configurable, and information and knowledge need to be retrievable.

Hagleitner is shaping the hygiene world of tomorrow, today. In the spirit of innovation, the company develops sustainable hygiene solutions for the future, making sure you are always one step ahead when it comes to hygiene.

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