As a family business, Hagleitner Hygiene attaches great importance to conduct that complies with the rules.

We clearly stand by ethical business practices and compliance with applicable laws. This also includes honest, direct and fair dealings with our employees, suppliers, customers, partners and the people at our sites.

This is the prerequisite for successful and long-term cooperation.

Whistleblower system

The whistleblower system offers whistleblowers the opportunity to (also) anonymously and securely report violations of the law in the above-mentioned companies. It applies to the following companies at all locations:

  • Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH

  • Hagleitner Technology International GmbH

  • Hagleitner Global Hygiene GmbH

  • Hagleitner Hygiene Österreich GmbH

  • Hagleitner Hygiene Deutschland GmbH

The platform can be used by employees, customers, suppliers or other persons in case of reasonable suspicion.

In principle: The whistleblower system is to be used for reports if there is a reasonable suspicion that laws and/or the guiding principles of the Code of Conduct of the participating companies have been violated. These include, but are not limited to

  • Bribery, money laundering, corruption, violations of competition and antitrust laws, balance sheet manipulation, fraud, breach of trust, violation of trade and business secrets

  • Offences against export control law

  • Offences against persons

  • Crimes such as property offences or company sabotage

  • Violations of environmental and labour protection laws

  • Violations of data protection law

  • Serious breaches of duty under labour law

  • Serious breaches of equal treatment laws

  • Offences against sexual self-determination or racially motivated offences

Report your information to the appointed law firm Eberl, Hubner, Krivanec, Ramsauer & Partner. The following reporting channels are available to you there:

  • Telephone call during normal business hours at Phone +43 662 825511.
     You can speak directly to the lawyer Dr. Robert Krivanec.

  • E-mail to the following address:

  • In writing by post to :
    Kanzlei Eberl, Hubner, Krivanec, Ramsauer & Partner
    Rechtsanwalt Dr. Robert Krivanec
    Nonntaler Hauptstraße 44
    5020 Salzburg

As a matter of principle, all information will be treated confidentially and the whistleblower will be guaranteed anonymity if requested. Please describe your allegation as precisely as possible and in a way that is comprehensible to outsiders.

The receipt of a tip-off must be confirmed within seven days. Within three months, the whistleblower must be informed of how his or her report has been dealt with.

If the tip-off is confirmed and a violation of the law is established, this may have consequences under labour law or criminal law for the persons concerned.