Tauern SPA Kaprun
Full product range in 4 business fields: washroom-/kitchen-/laundry-/janitorialHYGIENE

Full product range in 4 Business fields. Soap, paper towel, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and air care dispensers in the washroom, the integral COMPACT and ecosol PROFESSIONAL fully automatic dosing systems for dishwashing detergents in the kitchen, the havon PROFESSIONAL automatic dosing system for dishwashing detergents in the kitchen, the havon PROFESSIONAL automatic dosing System for laundry detergents, and the safetyTROLLEY cleaning trolley for maintenance cleaning.

Tauern Spa in Kaprun is a public wellness and water park connected with a 4-star superior resort hotel. It was opened in 2010 and has become a indispensable tourism hotsport in the Salzburger Land region.



Business booms around the clock all year long at Tauern Spa. A wellness temple such as Tauern Spa cannot afford losses or even downtimes. Therefore, reliability and flexibility loomed large when choosing a hygiene partner, as explained by Ms. Böhm:

"To us it was important to reach the agent at anytime and he clarifys and fixes upcoming difficulties fast. When shifiting to a new product good advice and support during the changeover phase are very important to me. That's the case with HAGLEITNER."

The General Manager of Tauern Spa, Karl Berghammer, finally sums up again, why they decided to choose HAGLEITNER:

"We called for tenders and tested various qualities. HAGLEITNER convinced us with their innovative and high quality products. Further decision-making factors were service, price and regionality. The complete package just fits."



The public washrooms in the spa, seminar and hotel area are equipped with XIBU soap, paper towel, hand desinfection, toilet paper tissue and scent dispensers as well as with matching XIBU touchPAPERBOX waste bin. Furthermore, elegant showergel dispensers, which offer a pampering care product for body and hair, were installed in the public showers.

The kitchenHYGIENE area relies on ecosol PROFESSIONAL system for liquid dosing and the integral COMPACT system for dosing highly concentrated dishwashing detergents and gloss dryers. The exact dosage allows an economical and cost saving consumption of detergents and ensures excellent washing results. The dosing detergents for dishwashing are free from raw materials that are harmful to health and the environment (NTA, EDTA and phosphates).

The laundry hygiene system havon PROFESSIONAL is used in textile cleaning. Depending on the requirements, different detergent components of this system are combined with each other. This technology enables error-free operation without interfering to the washing machine control. The result is bright colors and a heavenly fresh scent that gives the guests real moments of wellbeing.

In the area of janitorialHYGIENE , the safetyTROLLEY cleaning trolley and the integral 2GO dosing system for mixing and bottling detergent solutions are particularly notable.

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hygiene advisor Amering with housekeeping manager Böhm and general manager Berghammer


Touch-free dispenser in the washroom


Scent dispenser for a pleasant atmosphere