Retirement home Großgmain
We equipped the following areas: washroom-/janitorialHYGIENE

A total of 4 HAGLEITNER cleaning trolleys are in use. The integral MIX dispensers were installed for the safe and exact dosing of cleaning agents.

The Großgmain retirement home is operated by Hilfswerk Salzburg as one of currently five senior citizens' homes and can accommodate 60 residents.



It was important to Hilfswerk to equip all houses with the same products and thus to achieve a standardization that guarantees consistent quality. With its extensive product range, HAGLEITNER covers everything that is needed when it comes to cleaning and disinfection.

Other important factors when deciding for the hygiene partner HAGLEITNER were: safe handling of the cleaning products and plans that staff can easily keep to. Cleaning and disinfection plans provide an overview of which surfaces and equipment are cleaned with which cleaning and disinfecting products. The plans are individually tailored to the customer and comply with legal requirements.



The washrooms were equipped by HAGLEITNER with soap, paper towel and hand sanitizer dispensers. In janitorialHYGIENE, the decision was made to use the integral MIX dosing system, which mixes and dispenses a ready-to-use cleaning solution. This system supports workplace safety by eliminating the need for manual mixing and refilling of fluids. The finished cleaning solutions are then stored in the safetyTROLLEY cleaning trolley and are ready to be used at any time.


dispenser and agents

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assist in the daily cleaning process

Director Pia Brandstätter, Hygiene Advisor Johannes Bacher and Pflegedienstleiterin Brigitte Stock

XIBU Waschraumspender

Clean & disinfected hands: washroom dispensers


Safe & tidy: cleaning trolley