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Two public washrooms, the municipal office, the elementary school and the cultural center in Hallstatt were equipped with washroom dispensers from HAGLEITNER.

On Lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut in Upper Austria lies the Austrian market town Hallstatt. The 800-inhabitant community is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has become a magnet for tourists from all over the world due to its densely built houses, some of which are even built on stilts in the lake.



To ensure that all tourists always find clean and functioning washrooms, they need cleaning products and dispensers to rely on. This is the case with the products of HAGLEITNER, as Mr. Höll from the municipal office in Hallstatt confirms:

"Our public toilets count 2000 washroom visitors every day. The washroom dispensers from HAGLEITNER are economical in use and don't need to be refilled as often. This saves the cleaning staff time a lot of time and less waste is produced. In addition, the systems are theft-proof. That's an important issue in the public sector. "


Good cooperation with the hygiene partner is not less important than reliable products.

"We work well together. There is no constant change of contact, so you know who to call. The hygiene consultants are available and respond quickly. You get everything you need, "explains Mr. Höll.

The municipality Hallstatt has been a loyal customer of HAGLEITNER for more than 25 years.


Two public washrooms with 6 toilets each were equipped with toilet paper, foam soap and fragrance dispensers. Paper towel dispensers from HAGLEITNER were installed in the Kulturhaus and mechanical soap dispensers were also installed in the municipal office and the elementary school.
The foam soap dispensers XIBU touchFOAM are particularly pleasing:

"The foam soap dispensers do not drip and they dispense only as much soap as is needed," says Mr. Höll.

The toilet oil and the high-tech fragrance dispensers XIBU senseFRESHAIR provide a pleasant smell. The scent cleaner hagodorPURE also contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in the much frequented washrooms.

large ranges

through innovative ingredients and sophisticated packaging

dispensers can only be opened with a key


XIBU foam soap dispenser

The XIBU touchFOAM soap dispenser convinces with an excellent foam and a simple operation. The soap is dosed economically when pressed on the hand, which in turn reduces the maintenance, since long ranges can be achieved. This is an important point in the public sector.

Hygiene consultant Eva Laermann and Frank Höll from the community Hallstatt


The refills are easy and quick to change.

Community Hallstatt


The community has been a customer for over 25 years.


mechanical washroom dispensers