Retirement home Bramberg
We equipped the following areas: washroom-/kitchen-/janitorialHYGIENE

The dosing system integral 2GO ensures sensationally long ranges of cleaning- and disinfection products.

The retirement home Bramberg was built and opened in 1995 by the four municipalities Bramberg, Hollersbach, Wald and Krimml. Today, the senior citizen residence has 68 single rooms, a dining room, a public café area, a chapel, a hairdressing- and pedicure salon, a craft room, as well as several winter gardens and two group rooms.



"We have been searching for a uniform hygiene concept. We have asked several companies to offer and HAGLEITNER has convinced because of the great price-performance ratio: extensive product range, good quality and long ranges, "said home director Lorenz Brandauer.

Having a full-service provider in the field of hygiene has even more advantages: Through standardization, consistent quality can be guaranteed. The fact that every cleaning specialist has their own remedies is therefore a thing of the past. The HAGLEITNER color coding system also contributes to an increase in hygiene: Depending on the cleaning area, suitably colored cleaning utensils are used. In this way it is prevented that, for example, a sponge for sanitary hygiene in the object hygiene or even in the kitchen is used. In addition, orders can be made more efficiently, since you do not have to send and order to each different provider.

Another advantage is the "carefree package":
"HAGLEITNER visits us every two weeks. The dispensers get controlled, the dishwashing result in the kitchen is inspected and the dosage in the object hygiene is checked. In addition, we receive an annual HACCP training. In our house, all contact persons are satisfied, "says caretaker Gerhard Emberger.



"We have equipped the complete retirement home with HAGLEITNER. In the public washrooms we have the XIBU foam soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and fragrance dispensers. In addition, we also have hand disinfection dispensers throughout the house."

In the kitchen, our dishwashers are connected to the integral COMPACT system. This ensures an exact dosage of dishwashing detergents and gloss dryers and hygienically clean dishes.

In janitorial hygiene, we have been using the integral 2GO SYSTEM since March 2017. The dosage is much more accurate than it was with the previous product and keeps the consumption of cleaning products low. Thanks to the low consumption of integral 2GO high concentrates, we were also able to reduce our stock. "Lorenz Brandauer

"Most commonly we use allround 2GO and hygienicDES 2GO for maintenance cleaning. In the cleaning machine we use floorstar 2GO for the tile- and stone floors. The remedies have a pleasant, good smell." Gerhard Emberger.

Mr. Emberger sums up one again the advantages that HAGLEITNER products and systems have: "The biggest advantages for us are: easy handling, reduced storage volume and less waste."

dispensers and products

large ranges

caused by innovate ingredients and clever packaging



"The integral 2GO SYSTEM ensures sensationally long ranges of cleaning agents and disinfectants. Our cleaning ladies are very satisfied with the application, because the dispenser is easy to use and the transfer between bottle and bucket delivery or delivery to a cleaning machine is quick and easy, "says Gerhard Emberger, caretaker at the senior citizen residence.

Janitor Gerhard Emberger and hygiene advisor Peter Fritzenwallner

hygienicDES 2GO concentrate

Neutral surface disinfectant

integral 2GO dispenser

The most precise dosing system in its class.

allround 2GO concentrate

Powerful universal cleaner