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Floor hygiene.

What is a floor-deep cleaning and how does it work?

You will find all information in the shop under the section "ground - deep cleaning".  There we distinguish between the basic cleaning of water-resistant floors and carpets.


See also the application overview of our products for basic cleaning.

How can I clean which types of floor?

For an overview of all floor-cleaning products, including application recommendation, consult our website in the section "janitorial-hygiene".


Application overview floor maintenance cleaning

How do I properly clean and care for my hardwood floors?

Sealed parquet floors clean only damp with a neutral floor cleaner, for example floorstar ECO. Make sure not to allow moisture in the cracks or let it sit on the floor. To protect the seal, we recommend coating with SIVEX.

Warning: Please never use abrasive products on your hardwood floor.


 You can find an overview of our floor cleaning and grooming products here.

What is a terracotta floor and how do I clean and care for it properly?

A terracotta floor is formed from bricks ground and fired at a firing temperature of 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius. The color varies from red to brown. Mostly it is unglazed and highly porous. You should wipe the floor regularly with a slightly foaming universal cleaner, for example with hacoGLANZ, or with a cleaning machine. Would you like to care for the flooring? If it is not sealed, apply SIVEX thinly so that dirt cannot collect in the pores. On sealed floors, apply thin layers of BASIS to prevent soiling. This also freshens up the floor.

What should I consider when cleaning and maintenance of porcelain floors?

For the care of porcelain floors, we recommend the specially designed floor cleaner stoneCLEAN. If you are equipped with the integral 2GO SYSTEM, we recommend POWER 2GO for the cleaning and maintenance of porcelain floors.

For oiled wood floors, one should not use a micro-fiber cloths. Is there a cotton substitute for the mop or similar devices?

For wet cleaning, you can use the easyMOP system with the fitting easyMOP ECO or the profiMOP system with profiMOP ECO. For dry cleaning, we recommend our oilCLOTHs. Warning: Please wipe your hard floors only with low amount of water.

Our linoleum floor stinks after cleaning - whether with or without detergent. Can you do something about it?

Linoleum floors have a strong odor which is due to the contained linseed oil. Since the odor is lower in coated floors, it is recommended to apply a coating with SIVEX,  BASIS or utilitULTRA.


More information is retrievable in the application overview of our floor products.

How can I clean my Persian rugs?

For soiling at one specific location use our carpetSPRAY. First vacuum the surface in order to remove coarse dirt. Spray the stain and dab with our blue microfiber cloth safetyWIPE from outside to inside. Then rinse with clear water.

For a large-scale cleaning, we recommend the Queen Bonnet method: First, get the carpet rid of loose dirt by vaccuum cleaning it. Then spray it with cleaner carpetPRO in small sections. Take a single disc machine with a carpetPRO PAD and work backwards with overlapping, parallel paths.

What is the purpose of polishing floors?

By polishing care films or soap scraps, any unevenness that has been created can be repaired, and the visual appearance the surface can be improved. It shines evenly and thus looks clean and well-groomed. A white PAD in combination with a single-disc machine is to be used.