Cleaning cart

We know that not each cleaning trolley will fit each cleaning occasion. This is why you can set up your own safetyTROLLEY individually using the available modules. You get the optimal, tailor-made cleaning cart - no matter whether you are running a small bed and breakfast, a hospital or a high-class hotel with 200 beds.


These are the steps to your dream-cart:


1. Select one of the two basic models:

  • safetyTROLLEY BASIC: small, compact, little. For small and medium-sized objects - from the office and daycare center to the bed and breakfast, all the way to a restaurant.

  • safetyTROLLEY ALLROUND: comfort, safety, flexibility, order. For medium to large objects - from the office to the spa and swimming pool. Especially for the hygiene needs in health and care. With three lockable drawers.


2. Combine the basic models with modules:

  • For example, profiMOP PRESS, SafetyBox, two-bucket method or i.h.s. System.


These are the highlights of our professional cleaning weighing:


• Tray for two four-liter bucket to clean the inventory

• Ergonomic push handle

• Waste bag disposal 90/30 liters

• Four bottle holders for one-liter bottles


• Soft close function for silent closure of the waste bag cover

• Smooth, low-noise rubber wheels

• Cleaning schedule holder inside the lid

• 140 liters of waste

• Labelling possible

• Three lockable drawers

• Neat appearance


Expand your cleaning cart with the modules that you need.