Leoganger Bergbahnen GesmbH
We equipped the following areas: washroom-/janitorialHYGIENE

All washrooms on the Asitz have been equipped with washroom dispensers from HAGLEITNER. Perfumed cleaners ensure cleanliness and a pleasent atmosphere in the sanitary facilities.

The Asitzberg, also called "mountain of senses", is a visitor magnet in winter as well as in  summer. The "Leoganger Bergbahnen" record more than 4 million runs by nine lifts in winter; in summer there are about 280,000 runs.



The Leogang mountain railways, in Pinzgau in Salzburg, attract thousands of visitors every year. It is not just about keeping the gondola lift to high technical standards, but also the washrooms. Where many people come together, the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene is needed to ensure the guest's health.

The requirements of the Leogang mountain railways have been implemented by HAGLEITNER with the usual expertise. "We are very satisfied with the Pinzgau company HAGLEITNER.", confirms CEO Kornel Grundner.



The washrooms on the Asitz have been equipped by HAGLEITNER with soap-, folded paper towel-, hand disinfectant-, toilet paper-, sanitary bag-, toilet seat disinfectant dispensers and fragrance dispensers. In addition, Leoganger Bergbahnen GesmbH relies on the cleaners, fragrance cleaners, fragrance oils and special products from HAGLEITNER in janitorialHYGIENE.

Especially popular are the toilet paper dispensers, where a filling replaces up to 8 conventional rolls of toilet paper.


large ranges

innovative & high quality

dispensers can only be opened with key



The XIBU TISSUEPAPER dispensers ensure hygienic storage of toilet paper. The built-in roll-off brake allows economical paper consumption and ensures controlled sheet removal. With the 2-roll system, the second roll is also automatically transported downwards - so the washroom visitors will find filled dispensers at anytime. One dispenser filling replaces up to eight conventional rolls of toilet paper. The dispensers can be locked and the toilet paper is thus theft-proof.

CEO Kornel Grundner and hygiene advisor Günter Schmid