HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT Welcome to the world of the digital washroom

Imagine you were alwyas informed about the filling level of your washroom dispensers. HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT (HsM) shows in real time which areas have recently been serviced and where the dispensers need to be refilled. Instead of guessing, consumption is now calculated precisely. Welcome to the world of the digital washroom!

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Our XIBU dispensers are equidded with a wireless system that submits each dispenser operation and the battery status to a central IT interface. Optionally, it is possible to detect the number of accesses in a (washing) space with a counter. With a specially developed software, you can now evaluate the data received per room or area. Your cleaning specialist thus knows exactly where service is needed.

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HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT XIBU Spender sends the filling status to the senseMANAGEMENT BASE.

The senseMANAGEMENT BASE receives the data of the dispensers. These are safely stored in the HAGLEITNER Cloud.

Information is retrievable on serveral devices and can be reviewed at a glance.

Accurate information gives you offers the opportunity to initiate proactive measures.

Accurate information gives you offers the opportunity to initiate proactive measures.

Dispensers are refilled.



Real-time information about the operational status of the dispensers.

Frequency-related cleaning and refill intervals: reduction of travel time

Well directed and targetd deployment of cleaning staff to attend to real requirements reduces labor costs

Staff can be trained for specific tasks

Consumption-related ordering precedures and logitics planning

Guaranteed budget compliance, process cost optimization

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In what areas can I benefit from HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT?

Sports arenas & convention centers

Break time is time for the washroom. When thousands of visitors of a sports-event or an other event rush to the washroom, the consumption of your washroom dispensers is skyrocketing. HAGLEINTER senseMANAGEMENT helps you to react quickly and not to lose track of all your washroom facilities. You always know exactly where maintenance is required. At the same time, you learn how much does a washroom visit costs per guest. This information can be taken into account in the future when calculating the admission fees.

Hotel Industry & Gastronomy

No more empty dispensers: Your cleaning team can tell at a glance where service is required and how many refills are needed on their morning tour. Even during operation, the team can periodically check the washroom dispensers filling levels and react in good time. The result: perfectly maintained washrooms and satisfied customers and guests.

Health facilities - Compliance Monitoring

Thanks to our HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT, you know how often your staff uses a hand sanitizer dispenser and how much disinfectant the dispenser delivers. When you combine these data, you will get very interesting information. You will know, for example, how often your team has disinfected their hands and whether the required preset amount of three mililiters of hand disinfectant has been used. Of course, you can also view this data per station or department - just by pressing a button. If the disinfection requirement were not adequately met, you have the opportunity to point this out during team sessions. This leads to demonstrable improvements of 20 percent or more.


Measurements instead of estimates. The HAGLEINTER senseMANAGEMENT system offers to monitor data 24/7 on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet - the choice is yours. With our senseMANAGEMENT system, LEAN management is easy to accomplish. Cleaning tour planning and cost analysis are simplified.


Evaluate dispenser data So you know what's going on in your washroom.

Device status on the start page

You obtain an overview of all selected devices. Check the device status and find out how many units must be refilled or serviced.

Device status on the start page

You optain an overview of all selected devices. Check the device status and find out how many units must be refilled or serviced. You will see the exact number of devices and types of dispensers with the particular needs of the unit. To be able to act deliberately.

Evaluating statistics So you now what's going on in your washroom.

Average dispensing quantity

Monitor your usage and plan ahead for your orders to the average discharge amounts.

Your individual solution So you know what's going on in your washroom.

HsM Individual

Your could have your individually customized interface here. A certain statistics, your own logo - tell us what you would like to have.

Compatible dispensers

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