Vision & Values.
We aim to be a strong international and independent brand that excels in innovation and service.

Our success is the sum of the individual performances of all our employees. To ensure the continuation of our long-term and sustainable success in the market, HAGLEITNER embraces and focuses on values that are inherently incorporated in our corporate culture. They are the basis for our actions and thinking and the building block for the future. Our aim is not to keep up, but to stay one step ahead.




We focus on quality. We are convinced that only the best quality is able to meet the hygiene requirements of today. Our customers deserve to get the best possible products.






We look to the future with hope. Hygiene needs are evolving. With innovative spirit and joy, we aim to provide the right solutions and shape the world of hygiene of tomorrow.






We are passionate about what we do. Innovation and service make us the perfect partner in all aspects of professional hygiene. You can feel it: in the products – in the conversations – in the cooperation.






We build on tradition. As an owner-managed family business, we are committed to the location Zell am See. Pioneering spirit and responsibility have led us to evolve into a successful international hygiene professional within four decades.





The most important thing is and remains: the human being. That is our core value. Appreciation, respectful dealings with each other and mutual regard are important prerequisites for a good partnership.