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Hygiene is about health, it is about us humans: sustainable and lasting for generations – which is why it goes without saying that environmental hygiene is part of it.

Для нас очень важны довольные клиенты и защита окружающей среды. О том, насколько успешно мы это реализуем, свидетельствуют многочисленные награды и сертификаты.

Hagleitner designs sustainable hygiene: Raw materials are eco-certified, highly concentrated formulas save plastic, system refills reduce emissions, plastic is recycled, dispenser data conserves resources. Energy-efficient production is carried out at one location – in Zell am See. Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand there, resulting in "Greenovative" hygiene.


Sustainable raw materials: The range covers 79 eco-certified products awarded with 125 current environmental certifi cates, including the EU Ecolabel, the Österreichisches Umweltzeichen (Austrian Environmental Award) and the FSC-Gütesiegel (FSC Quality Seal). Hagleitner has banned microplastics and other unsafe substances from all its dispensing products.

Sustainable raw materials
80% less
transport- and storage volume

Strong concentrates: For more than 15 years, Hagleitner has focussed on highly concentrated cleaners that are mixed directly with water on-site to form the finished application solution. This reduces transport and storage volumes by up to 80 percent. A highly concentrated cartridge saves up to 95 kg of plastic and up to 50 kg CO₂ of emissions.

System refills: Four times more space on toilet paper rolls means lower transport volumes and therefore lower CO₂ emissions. The patented vacuumBAG empties 100 percent, making itself very small in the process – a million vacuumBAGs can fit into one waste container, resulting in up to 95 percent less waste.

95% less
Closed loop

Recycling: Hagleitner not only manufactures the plastic rods for its toilet and towel rolls from recycled plastic, but also the energyBOX power source for its hybrid hygiene dispensers. Hagleitner accepts returns of these items, and the recycling loop starts again from the beginning.

Energy: the rechargeable battery has been available as an energy source since 2020, introduced by Hagleitner – a world first on the professional hygiene market. Alternatively, alongside the power supply unit there is the energyBOX which bundles battery power; this is also made of recycled plastic.

The first battery-
powered solution for hygiene dispensers
saving of resources

HsM: Hagleitner dispensers transmit data – on the dispensing quantity, fill level and servicing requirements. This means cleaning staff can be deployed only when they are actually needed, and this saves resources.

Proactive maintenance: Hagleitner proactively maintains devices, extending their service life. Dispenser data ensures that routes can be planned efficiently and that no wasted trips are made.

Digital or in person
The choice is yours

Digital repeat orders: The Hagleitner Webshop makes reordering a breeze. Hagleitner Hygiene Consultants can therefore concentrate on the most important topic: customer service.


Certification: With ISO-14001 certification, Hagleitner has set itself on a path of continuous improvement of its environmental performance (raw material procurement, development, manufacturing, storage, transport, end-of-service-life procedures and fi nal disposal). ISO 45001 certification ensures the same for work safety, because sustainability applies to more than environmental and climate protection.

Green Building: Hagleitner manufactures at one site, in Zell am See; this means there is no need for transport logistics from one production site to another. At its home base, Hagleitner focusses on energy efficiency – with a photovoltaic system, waste heat utilisation, a cooling well and digital waste management.

Everything on-site

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Sustainability has always been part of Hagleitner's corporate culture. We would be happy to provide further information in a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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