Touchless dispenser for skin protection and hand hygiene.

One dispenser for any occasion: You can choose to fill the XIBU XL senseFLUID with products for protecting the skin, for cleaning or sanitizing the hands, or for skin care. All refills follow the rules for personal protective equipment (PPE). Skin protection and hand hygiene prevent occupational skin diseases, helping you to save costs. The dispenser is quick and easy to use. When the usage rate rises, the dispensing rate increases as well.

Super-fast dispensing.

At peak hours, the delivery rate of the dispenser increases automatically. This prevents waiting queues from forming during shift changes.

Waterproof and resistant to chemicals.

The XIBU XL senseFLUID even withstands rough treatment. All elements are waterproof to 100 percent. After working shifts, the dispenser can be easily cleaned with a steam cleaner.

Flexible line mounting (serial installation).

With the XIBU XL combiKIT, you can install several dispensers side by side and provide them with electricity.

Never empty.

After the vacuumBAG is empty, a reserve tank bridges the time until a refill is made inserted.


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A compact assortment of seven refills in economical vacuumBAGs covers all areas of skin protection – from disinfection to cleaning of the skin and skin care. For heavily contaminated areas, we recommend our abrasive soaps. All refills are identified by different colors. Thus, confusion when inserting is virtually impossible. Thanks to a special dispensing technology, our refills cannot become contaminated.