Touchless dispenser for hand sanitizer disinfection.

Simple and safe: When a guest holds their his hands below the hand disinfect dispenser, a pre-set quantity of disinfectant is dispensed. A built-in reserve tank and an easily readable LED filling level indicator both ensure that the dispenser never runs out of refill if properly maintained. You can place the dispenser either on the wall, free-standing on the floor or on tables. Brackets are available for all variants options. Tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of the disinfectant refills.

3 ml in 3 seconds.

The WHO recommends three milliliters of disinfection liquid for a professional hand disinfection. The XIBU senseDISINFECT releases the liquid within three seconds and then stops automatically.

No bacterial contamination of the refill.

Since the disinfectant dispenser draws no air when delivering the disinfectant, neither the dispenser nor the refill become contaminated. Processing  therefore is not necessary.

Adjustable dispensing quantity.

Depending on the application, the dispensing quantity of the dispenser is freely adjustable. In less health-sensitive areas, such as in office buildings, you therefore can use less hand sanitizer.


in consumption

due to the sensor


Tests have confirmed the effectiveness of the refills available for the XIBU senseDISINFECT. The disinfectants have a broad microbiological efficacy spectrum and protect your skin thanks to the regenerative effect of lanolin.


Hand sanitizer

The first skin care product with disinfectant properties. Contains lanolin.


Hand sanitizer

Ready to use, alcohol -based solution with virucidal efficacy for hygienic hand sanitizing.