Industrial dishwashers.

The demands to modern industrial dishwashers are high and varied. That is why we have developed six dishwashers - the ideal model for any kind of kitchen. You will find a dishwasher, pot washer, an under-counter glass washer and three hood dishwashers. With their dual stainless-steel frame, they all work extremely quietly and in an energy efficient manner. The latest technology like for example a pressure pump with constant rinse water performance ensures high metering accuracy and optimum washing results. The wash and rinse arms of our industrial washing machines are made of stainless steel. Thus, longevity and easy maintenance are key features of our machines.


The smartWASH system significantly improves your washing results, at the same time, the energy consumption drops sharply. This is made possible, amongst other factors, by a smart engine pump with two outputs for the washing liquor, which supplies both spray arms and produces an optimal water pressure. This optimizes the mechanical removal of dirt and increases the flow rate by ten percent. In addition, we have arranged the water jets on three levels. Thus, the wash liquor is ideally applied.


Our smartRINSE technology allows for water-saving. At the same time, it secures efficient rinsing. The machine water circulation is optimized and thus the efficacy is concentrated where it should be: in the basket. The dishwasher requires 50 percent less water.


In conventional washing machines, a pump supplies both spray arms with a pump output. The water flow has to be divided by a T or Y junction, resulting in a loss of performance by up to 30 percent. The smartENGINE, however, has two pump outputs: There is no pressure loss and interference noise is reduced to half. This way we ensure maximum performance with minimum energy consumption.


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We offer the ideal industrial dishwasher for every kitchen.


Our dosing devices integral and ecosol ideally complement our dishwashers. For under-counter dishwashers, we recommend ecosol PROFESSIONAL dosing machines, for hood dishwashers, we recommend the  integral COMPACT system.