Liquid dosing system for commercial dishwashers.

With the ecosol PROFESSIONAL liquid dosing system, you have a professional and wide range of highly effective dishwashing detergents. Depending on water hardness, type of dishes or wash cycle, we offer the ideal detergent for cleaning glasses, gloss drying or disinfecting dishes. The cleaning solutions are delivered in canisters and are dispensed directly into the washing machine through our dosing computer.

Professional planning.

Your HAGLEITNER technician will advise you in all aspects of food hygiene: from ad hoc analyses and planning all the way to final installation.

No waiting.

In case of technical problems, our technicians help you on site promptly.

Free rinsing cost analysis and dosing amount comparisons.

Our cost analysis shows an overview of the dishwashing costs you would incur on average. This transparent dishwashing cost overview helps you keep tabs on your costs and provides an optimal and non-binding product recommendation. This is how we can guarantee that you will achieve economical, environmentally friendly and clean dishwashing results.


low energy consumption

costs at a glance


Our large selection of dish detergents, glassware detergents, rinse aids and dish disinfectants guarantees thorough dishwashing.

*According to EU 2019/1148, ECO DES is an explosives precursor which falls under the European Union Regulation. It is not for sale to private customers. Sale is only possible with a completed customer statement. Hagleitner will send you a pre-filled customer statement. This is to be signed by a legal representative of your company and returned to Hagleitner.