integral 2GO The most precise dosing device in its class!

HAGLEITNER has pursued a philosophy for 15 years: producing concentrated detergents to the highest quality standards, minimizing the costly water transport and therefore preserving the environment. Our expertise and the continuous development of groundbreaking formulas together with the dosing technology creates the intelligent cleaning system integral 2GO. Exact dosing of detergent, simply mixed with the necessary amount of water. Ready 2GO.

Your benefits


Safe: the integral 2GO dispenser is only refillable with the multiFILL cartridge. This means simple and easy handling for your employees. The physical contact with the concentrate is impossible - this means safety for your employees.

Efficient: With only seven products you are able to clean and disinfect everything. And all that with an outstanding price- performance ratio.

Simple: The handling of the system is simple, intuitive and convenient. Operating errors are virtually impossible.

space-saving: The six products will save you a lot of storage room. This is not only convenient, but also tidy.

Carefree: We will professionaly install the device and train your employees, so that you will have a best-working system from the first minute onwards.

Individual: You decide upon a system which will satisfy all your needs.

Modern: You will use the latest and best system for the janitorial hygiene which is available on the market.

Economical: Overdosing belongs to the past. With integral 2GO you always have your costs under control.

Advantage of the system


Efficient: One 2.6 l multiFILL cartridge of concentrated detergent provides up to 1,300 l ready-to-use solution.

Safe: A closed system protects the employees from the contact with the detergent. Protection of drinking water in accordance with the EN 1717.

Individual: Bottles, buckets or automatic cleaning machines, all can be precisely filled up.

Convenient: Easy operation thanks to the intuitive touch-screen and straightforward display.

Easy: By pushing up the outlet nozzle with the refillBOTTLE, the start/stopp function gets activated and the dosing starts. By inserting the "PIPE integral 2GO" into the outlet nozzle and by pressing the GO button, large quantities are processed.

Precise: Cost control and consistent quality of the ready-to-use solution based on the ingenious magnetic dosing pump "PUMP integral 2GO" developed by HAGLEITNER. Compared with conventional dosing units, it ensures an exact dosing independent of water pressure, viscosity and temperature.

Hygienic: The outlet nozzle and the hose "PIPE integral 2GO" can be removed from the device, cleaned and disinfected.

Simple handling

That's how it works

Give it a try yourself!

Control elements

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The perfect addition

14 ergonomic system bottles with a volume of 0.5l to fill and decant the ready-to-use solution. To avoid misuse, each bottle has a cap and a handy blue foam nozzle.

7 cleaning products complete the janitorialHYGIENE.

Could you be any more efficient?





disinfectant sanitaryHYGIENE



sanitary 2GO
Lime solving sanitary cleaner

• Powerful acid cleaner with pearl and brilliant deep shine for wet-room areas like toilets, washbasins, tiles

• Suitable for fittings

• Flowery-fruity scent

• Automatically and manually applicable

allround 2GO
All-purpose cleaner

• Fat and dirt dissolving glass and multi-purpose cleaner with anti-fingerprint formula

• For all shiny, smooth surfaces like mirror, glass, inventory

• Blossomly-fresh scent

• Manually applicable

• Awarded with the EU-environmental labelling and the Austrian ecolabel

hygienicDES 2GO
Neutral surface disinfectant

• Universally applicable in the industrial food processing, in the area of hotel & catering, health & care

• Broad spectrum of antibacterial action

• Assessed and listed according to ÖGHMP/VAH

• Odourless, non-irritant, suitable also for sensitive surfaces

• Manually applicable

• Ideally suited for the impregnation of the wiping cloths (i.h.s. System)

active 2GO
Fat-dissolving kitchen cleaner

• Alkaline cleaner for the whole kitchen area like work surfaces, floors

• Fresh citrus scent

• Automatically and manually applicable

• Awarded with the EU-environmental labelling and the Austrian ecolabel

floorstar 2GO
Universal floor cleaner

• Quick-drying and high dirt-dissolving

• Ideally suited for the impregnation of wiping cloths ( i.h.s. System )

• Fresh orange scent

• Automatically and manually applicable

sanitaryDES 2GO - NEW!
Disinfecting sanitary cleaner

• For daily maintenance cleaning based on lactic acid with 3-way effect: cleans, removes limescale and disinfects in just one step
• Provides safety against disease transmission after 5 minutes exposure time
• Machine and manually applicable
• Ideal for the disinfecting cleaning of sanitary and wellness facilities in the hotel industry and gastronomy, as well as health & care
• Ideal for pre-soaking of mop covers (i.h.s. System)
• Tested and certified according to ÖGHMP / VAH
• Pleasant ocean fragrance

power 2GO
Powerful stone and tile cleaner

• Deep pore cleansing

• The specialist for safety tiles in kitchen, wellness and sanitary area

• Ideally suited for the impregnation of wiping cloths (i.h.s. System)

• Fruity orange scent

• Automatically and manually applicable

"We have tested the integral 2GO system for two months at the Augustiner Brewery, a house where much dirt accumulates and a lot of cleaning is necessary. Our conclusion: we never want to give it back for the simple reasons that the system is easy to use for the cleaning crew – clear and manageable - we have full cost control and of course because the cleaning quality is top."

Rainer Herbe, Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln

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