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To develop systems that are inspirational; to present solutions that are sustainable; to provide services that satisfy our customers. These are the goals that drive us every day. Our own development department in Zell am See and our pioneering spirit contribute to launch new products and innovations every year in order to revolutionize the market. Convince yourself of our latest products.


Company owner and CEO Hans Georg Hagleitner comments: "For a long time up until now, nothing has functioned without complicated network technology – which is affordable for a few. But with this innovation, all you need is a smartphone; which we all have. Your dispenser is displayed as a digital image in no time - and the data further in the online cloud. This demonstrates how Hagleitner continues to upgrade washrooms - all over the world. Internet of the Toilet is now open to a broad base, and Hagleitner is making it available and affordable for many companies”.

  • What is the new dispenser capable of? Dispense paper towel. In the best-quality and function like never before.
  • What is accessible for you? Your dispenser's data via XIBU app; like how much it has dispensed or if there is a need for action.
  • What else is accessible for you? Setup your dispenser using the XIBU App without touching any component of the dispenser.

integral 2GO.

HAGLEITNER has remained committed to the following philosophy for over 15 years: To produce concentrated products of the highest quality, to reduce the expensive transport of water to the smallest possible degree and to protect the environment by doing so.

Experience and continuous development of pioneering formulas together with the dosing equipment are the foundation for the intelligent cleaning system, integral 2GO. Exact dosing of detergents, already mixed with the right amount of water.
Ready 2GO.


Imagine you were always informed about the filling level of your washroom dispensers. HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT (HsM) lets you see in real time which areas have recently been serviced and where the dispensers need to be refilled.

Our XIBU dispensers are equipped with a wireless system that submits each dispenser operation and battery status to a central IT interface. The generated washroom data are transmitted to a data cloud, where you are able to access relevant data on an interface device (mobile phone, tablet, and so on). This way your cleaning staff knows exactly where service is currently needed.

Instead of being estimated, consumption is now calculated precisely. Welcome to the world of the digital washroom!  


Forty percent of households use moist toilet paper. Thanks to the XIBU senseMOISTCARE, you can offer customers the feeling of home and set yourself apart from the competition. Visitors to your washrooms simply hold dry toilet paper under the dispenser and it will release careMOUSSE without any contact.

The use of mousse is an entirely new innovation. It is perceived as extremely pleasant and, as you can adjust the dispensing quantity yourself, refills can be used economically.



With your help we can generate a skin protection plan for your business. In it, we define which products should be used and how to use them. The refills used in XIBU XL senseFLUID follow the rules for personal protective equipment (PPE). The use of skin protection and hand hygiene prevents occupational skin diseases.

You can mount several XIBU XL senseFLUID in a row. The XIBU XL combiKIT with connection parts between the dispensers and the Y combiCABLE for the power supply (choice of battery or line supply) are available for this purpose. Not only is the XIBU XL senseFLUID robust and waterproof, it also excels in terms of very fast dispensing capabilities and a power saving mode for times of low usage frequency. Depending on the product, a refill will last up to 1,000 dispensed portions. The dispenser provides per acutuation the amount of soap, disinfectant or skin cream. This guarantees efficient use.