Your digital hygiene advisor.

Everything available within short term.
Do you need a safety data sheet or product information? Scan the barcode on the Hagleitner product with the HAGLEITNER scanME App – it enables you to have everything at hand easily.

Dosing instruction, correct usage, application area: all these information can be downloaded in the needed language with the HAGLEITNER scanME App and can also be forwarded – this ensures the correct usage of the product.

Simply orderding.
You want to reorder a product quickly? Simply scan the barcode on the product or in the catalogue, enter the desired quantity and submit the order. You don’t have the barcode at hand? Our app offers a powerful full-text search.

Your product history.
The HAGLEITNER scanME App records your products and offers the history on the start screen. This guarantees superfast access. You have already ordered in our online shop? Then you will also see these products after registration resp. login.

Stock level under control.
You can also register an optimum stock in the history. Thus you are always informed how many pieces should be on stock and you can avoid bottlenecks.

Experience the catalogue.
For the first time you can also find barcodes in the catalogue. Simply scan the barcode – you will already have all available product documents and videos on the display.

This is exactly why we have developed the HAGLEITNER scanME App. Have fun with another smart product from HAGLEITNER!

Enjoy once more one of our smart products.