There are many reasons why Hagleitner products are present in one million washrooms.


Touchless washroom dispensers are safe and hygenic.It's that easy to dry your hands! Sensor-operated paper towel dispenser.The stainless steel soap dispenser with sensor prevents contamination from contact.The stainless steel dispenser inox for the washroom can be flush-mounted or surface-mountedThe hygiene management system allows you to check the state of your dispenser, wherever you are.Get the status of the dispenser on your tablet, mobile phone, or computer.
We can explain this best by telling you three stories.

Here you can see an overview of our offer in the washroom sector.


At the restaurant

You get a call through from Karin. The globe trotter, who had emigrated to Australia many years ago, is back visiting her old hometown. In a flurry of excitement, you book a table  at a restaurant you used to go to when you were kids. You take your daughter along with you and want to wash your hands before eating. You go to the washroom, where you both are met with a pleasant aroma. Everything is squeaky clean. Stainless-steel dispensers framed by an aura of welcoming light hang from the walls. You place your hands under the soap dispenser. Its sensor reacts straight away to your hands and without a touch, dispenses a foam soap that is so pleasant to the skin that it feels lighter than air. Your hands approach the tap, which is streaming water that seems to reach the optimum temperature all by itself. After your daughter has effortlessly followed your lead and completes the action automatically with the assistance of the contactless technology, you exit the washroom. As you open the door, a small fragrance dispenser sprays a fresh room fragrance. Karin is already there, waiting. You know you chose the right restaurant.




Yvonne smiled. It was 2am and a holy hush prevailed over the halls of the hoary castle restaurant. The last two visitors had just gone home. The two cleaning teams were about to arrive. Yvonne brought up the liquid levels and maintanence files of the washroom dispensers on the screen of her tablet and printed a list of how many batteries, foam soaps, paper towels and toilet rolls need to be distributed per floor. The refills were compact and not a gram too heavy. The times when you had no other choice than to load the cleaning vehicle and to push it through the corridors were over. With senseMANAGEMENT, she could see exactly which appliances needed to be maintained in which room on which floor. One management task in a hotel with 500 beds. Yvonne took a sip of coffee from her Thermos flask. Today was going to be a good day.


Economical and frugal


Christian slowly climbed the steps of the castle hotel. He cut across the corridor, passed the washrooms and went into his generously furnished office, where he ran the business for the whole hotel-restaurant. The new washrooms were a great coup. With the hygiene management system senseMANAGEMENT, he could bring up the usage information for the washrooms and thus provide for optimal stock. But it was not just the order system itself that saved him time and money. Low costs per drying cycle and numerous drying cycles needed per dispenser meant that he could not imagine any other solution for paper towels, for example. Cleaning staff saved time because of the long-lasting refilling tours and had more time for other activities. If nothing else, that helped Christian have satisfied guests, for whom the castle hotel had always remained a little piece of home.

What is your story?


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