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Comfort with the system. Opt for this system and achieve absolute hygiene on the one hand – since dirt and contamination does not get distributed, but is removed completely, and on the other hand, since it covers 20% more area with disinfected and absorbent cleaning utensils.

Vaše prednosti na en pogled

  • Calculable cost efficiency
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Clean and hygienic result
  • Absorbent and disinfecting
  • No germ transmission
  • No product wastage
  • deep-cleansing
integral SYSTEM

integral SYSTEM

i.h.s. integral – havon – safetyMOP SYSTEM.

havon SYSTEM

havon SYSTEM

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professional hygiene

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I.H.S. – Do you have any questions?

You can also get more information from your hygiene consultant about how much you will benefit from the i.h.s. system. Close the system loop: fail-safe & everything from a single source. Contact your area sales managerContact your area sales manager