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Hand disinfection - XIBU senseDISINFECT

Hand hygiene - simple and safe



The touchless disinfectant dispenser XIBU senseDISINFECT offers flexible installation. This allows hand disinfection wherever needed.


Disinfectant dispenser - XIBU senseDISINFECT

- touchless
- electronic filling level indicator
- the only disinfectant dispenser with reserve tank (approx. 50 uses) for a seamless refill process
- adjustable shot size (1 to 3ml)
- airtight dispensing - no drying out, no intrusion of harmful germs

- operated by batteries or mains adapter
- lockable

- dermatologically tested disinfectant*


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* Tested and certified according to the European norm. Expertise for the professional use in e.g. hospitals, care homes and medical practices available.



Further options and accessories with XIBU senseDISINFECT



















  • intelligent reserve function
  • visual filling level indication - for a simple, timely refilling
  • system lock (both sides) - flexible installation, theft proof

Option powerPACK

  • Adapter for the mains supply - can be powered from the mains.

Option mobile

The different options allow a flexible positioning of the touchless disinfectant dispenser, e.g. on walls, counters, next to receptions, in halls or public places.