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Made by Hagleitner: everything from a single source.


From the first idea up to the delivery: Hagleitner develops and produces all products itself. It is exactly this that makes the big difference. Be it injection moulding of plastic parts, the formulation of cleaning agents or the refinement of paper for use in a dispenser – each and every detail incorporates the complete knowledge and the experience of our employees. This unique know-how ensures that our products set international benchmarks in all aspects.


Chemical production

Hagleitner produces all liquid cleaning and hygiene products in-house using fully automatic manufacturing and filling lines.


Injection moulding

Hagleitner is presently in a position to mould the individual plastic parts for the production of dispensers on its own. This assures that the end products are the best possible.


Dispenser construction

Precision is accorded topmost priority during assembly. It is only in this manner that the devices work flawlessly at the customer's premises.


Paper processing

Cutting, embossing, bonding and perforating – the refinement of paper is an art. The artists are sitting in the production facilities of Hagleitner.