Sensor taps



For all, who do not want to abandon absolute hygiene and maximum efficiency.


Hand washing 100 % hygienic

The germs and bacteria of the water taps present a potential risk of contamination. The XIBU senseTAP taps operate touchless. Thus, they avoid any contact contamination and lead to an improvement in hygiene and comply with its rules.


Never again unnecessary water consumption!

Thanks to the demand-oriented service, water is running only when you need it -  but ONLY really in that moment!  This saves up to 75% of water and energy compared to standard bathroom taps.


Usable everywhere

All sensor taps can be connected to cold or pre-mixed water, with decentralized or centralized warm water supply.Save water consumption with the sensor bathroom taps by Hagleitner.


Easy-to-use & exact service

  • saves up to 75% of water and energy
  • max. 4 l/min. waterflow
  • adjustable hygienic flushing
  • safety stop after approx. 1 min.
  • battery-powered or mains operation
  • protection against vandalism due to the solid all-metal construction



XIBU senseTAP SMART - Touchless bathroom tapsSMART chrom

The classical model of Hagleitner sensor taps is particularly suitable  for heavily frequented washbasins.

- Material: chrome





XIBU senseTAP PROFI - touchless faucetPROFI chrom/matt/inox

The sensor taps for heavily frequented washbasins. Sleek, attractively designed.

- Alternative designs: chrome, matt (satin chrome-plated), inox (brushed stainless steel)






XIBU senseTAP BISTRO - Touchless faucetBISTRO chrom

This sensor tap ist particularly suitable for the catering sector, it complies with all the requirements in the industrial kitchen.

- Swivel spout

- Material: chrome





XIBU senseTAP LAB - Touchless faucetLAB chrom

This sensor tap is particularly suitable for the medical field and industrial kitchens.

- Swivel spout

- Material: chrome