New paper qualities for XIBU senseTOWEL


XIBU senseTOWEL dispenser
No paper fluff on the ground anymore. That’s guaranteed with the XIBU senseTOWEL dispenser. And because the paper can be taken out so softly we can apply new paper qualities for the XIBU dispensers now.

What is going to be new?
The first most important step is to renew our standard paper X2. The paper becomes softer, more absorbent and more efficient. X2 has now 160 metres on the roll. That implies an increase in output of approx. 14 % compared to X2 old.

The second step is the introduction of a blue paper quality for the food industry and production companies. The blue paper XIBU is called XB2 and has 145 metres on the roll.

With these two paper qualities, we also place the quality and efficiency of the handTOWEL-papers on the top level of proficiency. Therefore we continue to stay unbeatable on the market in terms of hand drying.