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Trading partners


Take a bet that you are looking for us?

Why? Because we are the best partner for you. We have the know-how in the fields of production, sales strategy, delivery & logistics as well as in our own product segments: Washroom, real estate property, laundry and kitchen hygiene. In short: we know what we are doing.


You have, of course, read and heard such statements often. How can we, then, convince you that we are really THE RIGHT PARTNER for you? Quite simple really, since we have nothing to hide and can guarantee complete transparency to you about our company. And here are the corresponding facts: HAGLEITNER is a family-managed company, where the family is known for professionalism and also long-term partnerships, and pursues common solutions and goals with the partners. By anchoring the company in a foundation we can ensure its independence and, as a result, there is never the risk of the company falling into other hands.


Trading partnersA maxim of Mr. HAGLEITNER is as follows: "If our partner is earning good money, then we are jointly successful." And who does not wish to be successful? On account of our own direct marketing in 12 countries, we have a very sensitive understanding for our sales partners. You benefit from this knowledge and understanding directly, since we can respond to customer-specific queries and concerns. Moreover, our products can be realised either in our own or an external design (with your company logo).


We organise training courses on an ongoing basis for your employees on marketing matters as well as on installation and maintenance of systems. The acquired know how benefits you directly.


The brand promise of HAGLEITNER "Innovative Hygiene" is reaffirmed by our products continuously and their technical uniqueness is assured by a number of patents. To offer qualitatively high-class and functional products, which set new benchmarks, is a matter of great pleasure for us. To you too?

We then look forward to your enquiry!



We look forward to your enquiry!

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