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The careMOUSSE is dispensed contact-free onto the toilet paper.Simple application – the highest hygiene.Washroom with foam dispenser for moist toilet tissue - in dark design.The XIBU senseMOISTCARE next to the toilet tissue dispenser XIBU TISSUEPAPER in white.The dispenser is available in various designs and will suit every washroom.The XIBU senseMOISTCARE with the appropriate careMOUSSE refill.
Foam dispenser for moist toilet paper

The hygiene company HAGLEITNER has developed an novel foam dispenser for moistening toilet paper – the XIBU senseMOISTCARE. As opposed to pre-moistened toilet tissue, the user can hold dry toilet tissue under the dispenser and the preset amount of careMOUSSE cleaning foam is dispensed contact-free.


Completely new moistening technology

Managing director Hans Georg Hagleitner explains: "The use of foam to moisten toilet paper is a win-win situation for washroom providers and customers: On the one hand, this guarantees economical use, and on the other hand, we know from numerous product tests with selected partners that customers find careMOUSSE very pleasant."

The careMOUSSE is matched to the pH level of the skin and has been dermatologically tested for allergies and irritations. Ingredients such as aloe vera, which calm the skin, ensure a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. HAGLEITNER is convinced of this product's success, as moist toilet tissue is already used in 40% of all private households. Now washroom providers can also offer this comfort to their customers and by doing so set themselves apart from their competitors.

The development department at HAGLEITNER has achieved a small coup with this product. This is because, although conventional pre-moistened toilet tissue blocks the toilet, encourages germs and also makes for a messy washroom, with this technology toilet blockages are completely avoided. With over 500 uses per refill, the cleaning staff save time and expense servicing the toilets. The total consumption of toilet tissue is also reduced.


Ecological and sustainable

The careMOUSSE refill is installed in the dispenser in a vacuumBAG. This means that the packaging is just a few micrometres thin, weighing in at only 21g when empty. Thanks to special removal technology the contents are consumed right down to the last drop. Refill systems from other manufacturers contain residual amounts of 13% or more. With the vacuumBAG there is up to 95% less waste in total. The plastic can be disposed of in the recycling bin.