No force for fingerprints.


Efficient cleaning with hup GLASS!We have the ideal solution – hup GLASS!Picture frames, showcases, touchscreens – with hup GLASS everything is faultless clean again!
The answer is called hupGLASS.

The doors to the entrance hall, the glass counter at the reception, the glass cabinet at the hotel lobby or touchscreens for internet surfing, today there are so many glassy, transparent or reflective surfaces, which only seem to be well-tended and clean if they sparkle.

Very often this doesn’t attract attention to the staff anymore, because they see the responsibility in the cleaner’s hands. But this is a disruptive overall impression for many guests. Although venturing against that could be so easy.


For the fast cleaning of surfaces Hagleitner developed slightly wet rags which only are used once and always available at the useful hup taking-BOX. The implementation of hup GLASS is so easy that the reception staff can clean the surfaces, as soon as there are fingerprints in between. There is no necessity of polishing afterwards. Because of her small and angled form you can put the hup BOX everywhere so the rags are available anytime. One fleece coil includes 90 extra large rags – furthermore they won’t dry for 3 years although the coil is already open.