LUNA 2.0 showerMAID


showerMAID – save two thirds!

After a busy day of working or an exciting holiday one enjoys relaxing by having a nice shower. It’s a sad fact that this shower uses uncountable litres of water. If you are wet once it’s time to soap intensively. Finally there is a lot of space in one hand for shower gel. Mostly you press twice or thrice ... a lot of foam, glorious.

This waste is not necessary! We offer the solution to support you. Besides the special design LUNA 2.0 showerMAID also gleams caused by its size which gives you the opportunity to fix it at least in the smallest bathrooms. A further special fact that we offer is a bright variety of finest refills, and it’s “Consume-Stop-function” which saves the renter from losing a lot of money.


We help every renter to save money with the showerMAID shower gel dispenser. By using the competitors products filled up in usual flasks you need 8,5 ml per day, per person and per dispenser. With our showerMAID shower gel dispenser your guests only take 2,8 ml in contrast. Two thrice less: A system that pays!