The unique dosing system.

The integral COMPACT system is the perfect combination of chemicals, dosing technology and innovative electronics for commercial dishwashing machines. The unique dosing system is extremely economical. The result: sparkling clean dishes at significantly lower dishwashing and cleaning


  • Economic and cost saving.
  • O utstanding results due to dedicated, attuned concentrates which also support the
    self-cleaning of the dishwashing machine.
  • No detergent remins within the cartridge.
  • Free programmable, mirco-processor controlled and password protected dosage computer
    enables exact dosing.
  • The multiFILL cartridges are safe and easy to handle. No canisters on the floor anymore.
    Both handling and storage is made easy due to the smaller, lighter packing.
  • The all-automatic dosing makes direct contact with the detergent superfluous and, therefore,
    increases the safety levels.
  • O nly sustainable raw materials according to the green efficiency concept are used.
  • No needless transportation of water – active protection of the environment.