Mission hand disinfection


“Before you eat do not forget to wash your hands”

In the washrooms of middle Europe you can find a high hygiene standard. More than 20 years ago Hagleitner has started the sale of dispenser systems for that. During all these years we have always been the precursors and have brought the hygiene into the washrooms like missionary.
Before Hagleitner hardly anyone has thought about improving hygiene enduringly.

Today, it is barely necessary to make more education. In that area the major population has a high demand on hygiene.

Now it is time to enlarge these high standards to all public areas. And we at Hagleitner would like to strengthen our position as precursors furthermore. The hand hygiene will become more and more important in the face of new, multi resistant pathogens. There the hand disinfection
is still the most effective and beneficial preventative measure. But you should google on your own on a rainy Friday afternoon …

Maybe you know the proverb “Before you eat do not forget to wash your hands”. For what
reason should you wash your hands before you eat? Concerning the scientifical aspect it is necessary to reduce the bacteria count on the hands. Why is that so important? During a meal every one of us grasps unconsciously several times on his corner of the mouth. That runs off about like this: mouth to brain: “One drip of the delicious sauce is oozing out of the mouth.” Brain to hand: “Immediately wipe it off before someone is noticing!” – Zack, and the thumb or the index finger is grasping over the corner of the mouth and the way for the bacteria into the body is open.
And now seriously, who of us always goes to the washroom do wash hands before eating, especially in a restaurant? Fewest do! Well, what does inhibit us from it? Maybe because
the toilet is in the cellar and we don’t want to make the effort of going there and leaving our
nice attendance alone? Maybe because one of our basic needs is not fulfilled? Because we are hungry! Or maybe because it’s simply not in question and we don’t think about what we carry on our hands? There are a lot more things that could be mentioned here. Basically the next opportunity to wash hands is too far away. Therefore we need a practical occasion at the entrance of the restaurant for example to get rid of the unwanted germs on our hands.

That offers Hagleitner from now on with the great options XIBU disinfectFLOOR and XIBU disinfectTABLE. With that the XIBU disinfect dispensers become mobile and can be disposed at every place where a lot of people encounter, where people are eating and where germs and bacteria can dispread themselves easily.

Think about it – we at Hagleitner are the missionary of the hand disinfection!