XIBU senseDISHES. Just dose exactly what you need.Easy & economic.For the first time: calculable.XIBU senseDISHES with high-value dishwashing detergent.
Economically and calculable for the first time.

The manual dish washing is an important part of the professional kitchen hygiene. With the new XIBU senseDISHES dispenser, including the optimal balanced washing-up liquid “DISHES” in the patented vacuumBAG, this issue is getting economically and calculable for the first time.

You know that for sure: How many other detergents also, a washing-up liquid for manual use is dosed on a hunch and subjectively – often, the consequence is an unsatisfied washing result and a high product consumption, which at least also affects the environment.

With the new XIBU senseDISHES dispenser and the adequate chemical „DISHES“ in the patented vacuumBAG shrinking bottle, this will be over. The dispenser can be activated without touching by two different ways and the right amount of washing-up liquid is dosed directly into the sink, on a sponge or in a pan: For the dosing of the set standard amount, it is enough to shortly activate the sensor. Due to the high concentration and the high content of wash active substances, between 4.5 and 14 ml will be dosed into a standard sink in gastronomy kitchens – depending on the individual demand. If the hand is hold more than 1 second under the sensor, the dispenser doses as long as the hand is moved away again or the set standard amount is reached. Moreover, a dosing delay of 5 seconds prevents an unnecessary overdosing.

Due to a long hose – discharge hose – the dispenser is very flexible to mount. The dispenser can be unbolted at two sides, which enables an uncomplicated and comfortable refilling as well as a simple battery change. Concerning the refill: If the battery or the washing-up liquid is getting low, this will be indicated with the light ring at the bottom of the dispenser. An additional LED display is shining red when the battery is empty. The reserve tank for washing-up liquids enables a higher time range for refilling. With the so-called cleaning button at the bottom of the dispenser, it can be put into a state of rest for approx. 30 seconds. So that the dispenser can be cleaned in a simple and optimal way.

With this touch free dispenser for the direct dosing of manual washing-up liquid in a sink, Hagleitner is setting an innovative sign on the international and national market again. And we enable optimized dish washing results and solutions: Perfectly cleaned crockery with economical costs, now also for the manual dish washing.