Hygienically clean with one wipe


Anwendung hup Vliestücher
„Only 10 percent of cleaning staff are able to disinfect correctly“, explains Hygiene Manager, Kerstin Heine, this is the actual situation at training lessons held in the Hagleitner Academy. What is more logical than starting with how to use the products safely.

Concerning the compliance, again Hagleitner leads the way with the hup cloths made of fleece.

“With hup you can make practically nothing wrong. Cleaning and disinfecting has never been so easy” confirms Kerstin Heine. And exactly this is the key to better security in organisations. Because only when you know that products are also applied by the employees, you can ensure a high hygiene standard in the long term.

In fact, hup stands for hygienic, universal and practical.

The fleece cloths are available in three types – hupDISINFECT and hupALLROUND are already prepared for application. hupDRY is a dry fleece cloth roll  with which every Hagleitner disinfectant can be soaked in.

For practical application there is a special hupBOX with an interlocking system. The cloths can be used for three years after opening of the box. The hupBOX fits on every cleaning trolley. With the additional wall holder the hupBOX can also be permanently mounted.