Noble design for every hotel room


LUNA 2.0 shwoerMAIDLUNA 2.0 paperBOYLUNA 2.0 shwoerMAID
Reduced to the maximum possible – this is the new shower gel dispenser LUNA 2.0 showerMAID defined in one sentence. This noble, simple design reminds one of a flacon and is visually a highlight in wet areas. Nevertheless the showerMAID dispenser comprises a unbelievable number of functionalities.

The release of exactly 1.5 ml of content per operation makes the dispenser very efficient. A filling level display and the simple change of refills facilitate servicing. A hair shampoo, a shower gel and two all-in-one products offer high quality and best care ingredients for a sheer shower experience. Additionally available is a ring holder where the hotelier can have his own logo branding. Thereby, noble design and an own brand can be combined.

LUNA 2.0 showerMAID is available in white and steel, the same as LUNA 2.0 paperBOY, a toilet paper dispenser specially developed for the hotel room – service friendly, splash proof, offers the proven Hagleitner functionalities such as the never empty principle or theft protection for refills which range up to 4 ply quality.