New package size. 60 litres instead of 120 litres


As an innovative company we want to offer our costumers also an optimum service beside the best products.

The change of package size from 120 litres so far (max. 160 kg ecosolPLUS) to 60 litres now (equates to max. 80 kg) mainly contributes to this improvement – and so we can distinguish ourselves again from the competition:

For the Hagleitner deliverers it was not manageable to deliver our old big bag together with the other orders to the costumer, it was necessary to transport them by an external forwarding company. Now, with the new package size we are able to deliver the wreaths by ourselves, therefore avoid partial delivery and guarantee a delivery in line with the times. Because the obligation of the forwarding company for transport has ended at the entrance of the costumer, the customer had to take care about the transport of the package to his storage by himself. Now, the new wreath is going to be delivered directly to the determined place by the Hagleitner deliverers, because it can be transported more easily over stairs, barriers etc. due to its less weight and the two sidewise carrier handles.

Beside an improved application security for the costumers – the emptying of remains is getting easier significantly – our costumers can work more flexible and faster with the smaller packages: due to the less storage area, a second package for reserve can be placed directly beside the used package and therefore, can be exchanged easily and fast as needed.

The new package is going to be in accordance with the Hagleitner CI and therefore, will be identifiable at first glance by everyone. Due to the retraction of the wreaths (new lending fee € 15,-), we also make a contribution to the protection of environment.

In addition to the existing laundry products that have been offered in 120 litres packages till now and are going to be transferred to 60 litres packages (havonU9 PLUS, havonA3 and havonE4), we can offer the complete havonPROFESSIONAL basic product range in an homogeneous package size due to the implementation of havonB1 and havonK5 in 60 litres package. Concerning kitchenhygiene, the established products ecosolPLUS, ecosolNEUTRAL and ecosolCIT are going to be offered in 60 litres package in the future.