hup GLASS - The answer!


The hard and time-consuming cleaning and dusting of surfaces of glass is over now – Hagleitner offers with hup GLASS the innovative, unique solution for that.

With the ready-made, damp, tear-proof cloths of carded web typical dirt on surfaces of glass, windows, show cases, picture frames and mirrors can be removed simply and fast. Special substances do prevent the onset of mist and that the material gets dirty again. One cloth can be used for several procedures, simply as long as it doesn’t work anymore. Due to special alcohol the agent withers fast and doesn’t leave any stripes.

The hup BOX is a practical storage for the opened cloths of carded web. From there the cloths on a roll can be taken out one by one and are usable for 4 to 6 m². The special, reclosable top of this hup BOX does protect the cloths due to a tight cross slot opening against drying-out and contamination. Kept in this way they are lasting for three years – that guarantees the highest application security.

With hup GLASS, fingerprints on glass tables, dust on picture frames or dirt on windows are simply removed with one wipe. That saves time and money.