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Environmentally friendly cleaning products

green efficiency


Sustainability is a priority for Hagleitner. Therefore, the green efficiency concept has been developed. It means, all professional dosing products  within the kitchen and laundry hygiene are free from NTA, EDTA and phosphates. These hazardous raw materials have been substituted with natural, environmentally friendly alternatives. Highest product concentration and fully automatic dosing systems ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


The Hagleitner foamSOAP, the foamSOAP PREMIUM, the una cleaning products and the integral CLEAN solid dishwash detergent for the kitchen hygiene have been awarded with the Austrian as well as the EU eco-label, thanks to the concious selection of raw materials!


Advantages of green efficiency EU Ecolabel

  • Free from NTA, EDTA and phosphate
  • reduced transport expenses and lowest possible packaging volume
  • apropriate formulas for all water hardness levels and operational areas
  • all-automatic dosing - no product contact


Hagleitner product offer and aids for green efficiency